Friday, 12 October 2012

Parents: Strategies to Help your Daughter get through this Pop/Porn Culture

I watched a show called Sext up Kids on Doc Zone about the prevalence of pop culture turning into porn culture and the effects on kids.   I was inspired to do this video just to help deal with some of the themes the show brought up for girls. Here is the link to the show

There is no question that raising girls can be very worrisome so I came up with 10 strategies to help them navigate their way through this very challenging time.  Click here for my video

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Coaches: How to Teach Spacing Principles to Kids

Here are some drills I have come up with or have come across to teach spacing principles to kids and teenagers. 

Grover's Drill with 3 and 4 players (near.... far). Spots 4 out motion with spots to fill on the inside. Zones where team is learning to pass the ball (no dribbling) to the offensive end where their team is scoring.  Squares where 2 players cannot be in one of the 12 squares together at the same time.

Food is Fuel - Eating like a High Performance Machine

Eating is for energy not for fun, therapy or entertainment.  The food you eat contains nutrients your body needs to fuel your muscles and your brain so think about what you are injesting.  You are what you eat right now! The habits you are creating around food can last your whole life.

Here are some more ideas about how to fuel yourself as a high performance machine - Denis Collier